Wedding Request Application

Wedding Request Application

  • Is one of the parties a member of The City Church?

    We believe in the importance of God at the center of the marriage and require one of the parties to be a committed member of The City Church. Ephesians 2:19

    Are you both “born again believers”?

    This standard is taken from the biblical command that we should not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. 2 Corinthians 6:14

    Are you willing to walk in purity during your engagement and wait to have sex until your marriage?

    Sex is an amazing gift when experienced according to God’s plan inside the context of marriage. Outside of this framework, sexual intimacy damages the relationship and takes an emotional toll on the people involved. If you are sleeping together, we ask that you would make the choice to refrain from sexual intimacy during the season prior to your marriage. God is gracious. He is able to restore that which is lost, give us His best and empower us to obey. Acts 15:29

    Have you known one another at least six months?

    Marriage is one of life’s most important decisions, and ample time should be allowed for a couple to develop a strong relationship before marriage becomes a focus. While the Bible does not explicitly call for a six-month timeline, it is wisdom to know well the person we commit the rest of our lives to. Our standard here at The City Church is in agreement with the Eastside Community Marriage Agreement, which we signed along with over seventy-five other churches of Seattle’s Eastside. Ecclesiastes 3:11

    Is this a second marriage for one or both of you?

    Remarriage can bring with it new opportunities as well as unique challenges. In light of this, The City Church offers couples who have been married prior with an additional pre-marital session specifically tailored for your situation in which you will learn key ingredients that will help you successfully navigate your remarriage. We believe God is able to create beauty from ashes and wants to set you up for success in this new season of your lives. If you have questions or concerns about any of these guidelines, please contact and a City Church staff member will contact you directly.

    We require a licensed City Church staff pastor to officiate weddings at our church facilities. You may also request a City Church staff pastor to marry you at an offsite location. Below is a list of our available staff pastors for you to choose from. Please be advised we will do our best to accommodate your choices, however due to possible scheduling issues, we may assign any one of our available staff pastors to officiate. Also be advised that if you confirm with a pastor on your own, it does not also mean the facility is available.
  • By submitting this Wedding Request Application, you agree to the premarital guidelines above and agree to complete premarital counseling at least three weeks prior to your wedding.

    Once we receive your Wedding Request Application, we will assist you in beginning premarital counseling in one of our Groups. This request will also be forwarded to our Wedding Facilitator to begin the process of requesting a pastor and an available date on the church calendar to be approved, if applicable.